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Deliveroo customer loyalty for food delivery
Photograph: Deliveroo

These are the F&B brands with the most customer loyalty for delivery in specific areas in Singapore

Based on the percentage of repeat orders received

Rachel Yohannan
Written by
Rachel Yohannan

For some of us, ordering food delivery is a regular part of everyday life more than it is an occasional treat; When you're a busy bee, every minute counts, and not everyone has the time or energy to prepare home-cooked meals after a long day. If you're a serial user of food delivery apps, you'd probably have some go-to meals by now - reliable favourites that you return to again and again despite the plethora of choices out there.

Well, you're not alone, because it turns out a lot of F&B brands do receive a high volume of repeat orders from the same people. Read on to find out which ones have the most customer loyalty in Singapore by location – and whether your top choices have made the list.

Based on data taken across 2023, F&B brands partnered with Deliveroo consistently maintained 45 percent of their customer base doing repeat orders. Every one in four delivery orders are from those who have ordered from the same eatery at least two to three times.

And it looks like Singaporeans are trying to eat clean, or at least maintain a balanced diet; The F&B brands on Deliveroo with the highest percentage of repeat orders out of their total order volume are all incidentally on the healthier side, with Subway leading at 80 percent, The Daily Cut at 60 percent, and Guzman Y Gomez at 50 percent. In particular, the burrito bowl with grilled chicken from Guzman Y Gomez happens to be a hot menu item among customers.  

Those residing in or working at Mediapolis seem to have the strongest brand loyalty, with 45 percent of orders being repeated ones. This is followed by the CBD area – specifically Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar – at 34 percent, and Katong at 29 percent. Zooming in on the CBD, brands like The Daily Cut, Guzman Y Gomez, and Vios by Blu Kouzina are some of the most popular.

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