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Free Spirit
Photograph: Free Spirit

Four zero-proof alternatives to try from the largest alcohol-free online bottle shop in Singapore

Guilt-free ways to indulge in the merry spirit this festive season

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Time Out Singapore editors

Take your pick from Singapore’s largest alcohol-free online bottle shop. Staying sober need not be limiting; Free Spirit stocks up a wide array of healthier, zero-proof alternatives – from beer, bubbly, and many more. Sip on craft brews from Untld and Lucky Saint, raise a toast with Noughty chardonnay, or stock the home bar with spirits from Seedlip and Lyre’s. Overwhelmed? Then browse its selection of curated packs; tried-and-tested combinations of sample packs and starter kits to help kickstart a guilt-free evening. There will certainly be something for everyone.

Photograph: Noughtyaf/ Facebook

Noughty Alcohol-free Sparkling Chardonnay ($40)

Ring in the end of 2021 with some bubbly. This wholesome libation from Noughty comes with all the fizzy sweetness, but none of the naughty side effects. Organic, vegan chardonnay has been de-alcoholised, and each pour comes with just half the regular sugar content (just 2.9g of sugar per 100ml, and under 14 calories per glass).

Lucky Saint Beer
Photograph: Lucky Saint Beer/ Facebook

Lucky Saint Lager ($4.50)

Where else can you find a beer that contains the same amount of alcohol as a banana? At only 0.5 percent ABV, you can quaff down bottles of this without having to worry about getting a hangover. Nor need you fret over compromised taste; Lucky Saint Lager boasts a refreshingly crisp and citrus-like finish.

Ara Wines
Photograph: Ara Wines/ Facebook

Ara Zero Sauvignon Blanc ($35)

Full-strength wine is first used as a base. The alcohol is then distilled away, leaving behind all the classic flavours of a dry Sauvignon Blanc that everyone loves. The result: crisp, dry, with notes of herbs and grapefruit. No hangover means you can definitely reach for seconds – even thirds.

Photograph: Altina/ Facebook

Altina craft cocktails (from $7.50)

You can easily enjoy booze-free cocktails straight from a can. And the best part: these drinks are sugar-free, too. Australia-based brand Altina works in organic and native ingredients into the drink-making process to create options that include Light Me Up, made with wattleseed to lend pleasant nuttiness, then mixed with notes of apple and green tea; or the La Vie En Rose suffused with floral aroma of hibiscus and rose petals. 

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