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Dr Valerie Tay
Photograph: Dr Valerie Tay / Youtube

Healthcare workers sing Kit Chan's Home with a message for the public

Dewi Nurjuwita
Written by
Dewi Nurjuwita

During these uncertain times, a lot of people are feeling anxious, scared, and even hopeless. It's more important now than ever to stand in solidarity with the people around you – be it your family, friends, neighbours, or strangers. But here's a silver lining: while we're all physical distancing, the community is even closer now

A heartwarming video has been making its rounds on social media, in which 70 healthcare workers sing Kit Chan's Home to life the spirits of fellow Singaporeans. The compilation video is led by ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Valerie Tay, with the help of her friends Dr Ian Mathews and Dr Amanda Cheang.  

“With the second COVID wave hitting us even harder, we have to be prepared that this going to be a longer, drawn out battle," says Dr Ian Mathews in the video. 

In her video description, Dr Valerie Tay says "This song is for all of Singapore, for your fears and frustrations, tears and anxiety. To my fellow healthcare workers, I am privileged to share this fight with you. We pick up and soldier on. We shall fight in the clinics, we shall fight on the hospital grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets. We'll keep going to work for you. Please stay home for us. Please stay strong for us." 

The comments are filled with encouraging words for Dr Tay and the healthcare workers. One viewer, Audrey Joanne, says: "To all the health workers and frontline workers, THANK YOU for everything you've done during this crisis. I know it must not be easy for you and all the thank yous won't be enough for all the hours and care you have for the patients. Still, thank you. I am staying at home as you stay at work. I will do my best not strain the healthcare system as I know how hard you all work to fight this virus. Thank you so much!" 

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