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McDonald's turns up the heat with the new Red Hot Spicy Peppers burger

red hot spicy peppers mcdonalds

What is life with no spice? The iconic and fiery McSpicy burger from McDonald's has already proven to be a national favourite but the popular fast-food chain is turning up the heat and rolling out its latest offering on November 1, the feisty Red Hot Spicy Peppers burger. 

You can expect a peppery chicken patty, topped with a tangy jalapeno relish, refreshing spicy tomato mayo, sliced red capsicum, white cheddar, sliced tomato and lettuce sitting pretty between semolina buns. The limited edition burger comes a la carte ($6.25) or as an Extra Value Meal (from $8). Take note of the 'limited edition' there – we're foreseeing these hot burgers to be selling fast so best to embrace the kiasu Singaporean in you and go out there and get it.

If you think that's the only thing McDonald's will be launching, well there's more. Cool off from the peppery burger experience with some cold, sweet and chocolatey treats. For dessert, there will be the Chocolatey Cone ($1.20), Chocolatey Sundae ($2.30) and Chocolatey McFlurry ($3). The chocolate desserts are also made specially with Hershey's chocolate. 

So what's for lunch tomorrow? Surely you've planned it all out already.