Project Chulia Street is calling out for donations for migrant workers

Consider donating part of your Solidarity Budget towards care packets for our migrant workers instead

Dewi Nurjuwita
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Dewi Nurjuwita
Project Chulia Street
Photograph: Project Chulia Street

Wish you could do more to help Singapore's migrant workers? Project Chulia Street, a ground-up initiative that brings together entities and individuals for specific projects to enhance the health and happiness of migrant workers in Singapore, is calling out for donations. 

In a Facebook post on April 7, the initiative announces that it hopes Singaporeans will band together to help raise enough money for the care packets. Project Chulia Street will be working with their partnered migrant worker dormitories to provide around 38,000 migrant workers with Coronavirus Prevention Care Packets (CPCP). 

The items in each packet include:

- Shampoo (S$1.95 per bottle)
- Soap (S$1.00 per bottle)
- Toothbrush (S$0.10 per bush)
- Toothpaste (S$3.00 per tube)
- Hand Sanitisers (S$1.50 per bottle)
- Mask (S$7.90 for a packet of 10, S$0.79 per mask)
- Top up prepaid phone card worth S$2.00 sponsored by Singtel that comes with insurance

Each CPCP costs about $8.34, and Project Chulia Street aims to raise $316,920 for the year. 

This initiative comes after the government announced that every adult Singaporean will get a payout of $600, under its Solidarity Budget scheme. Hey, if you don't need the full amount, you can choose to donate it to a good cause and divert the sum to our migrant workers instead. To help, you can donate $10 to gift one migrant worker a care packet, $50 to gift five workers a packet, and so on. Payment can be done through PayNow. For more details, visit Project Chulia Street's Facebook page

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