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Photograph: Kirill Petropavlov/Unsplash

Singapore takes the title of being the world’s 6th Blue Zone

We are supposedly going to live longer

Mingli Seet
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Mingli Seet

Singapore has just been named the 6th Blue Zone in the world. This means that Singapore is regarded as one of the cities with the highest life expectancy across the globe.

Singapore was added to the list in August by Dan Buettner, an American National Geographic Fellow and New York Times-bestselling author who has been studying the world's Blue Zones for over two decades. Blue Zones are essentially regions where their elderly inhabitants thrive with remarkable vitality and achieve exceptional longevity. Other Blue Zone countries are Okinawa (Japan), Ikaria (Greece), Sardinia (Italy) Nicoya (Costa Rica) and Loma Linda, (California).

Singapore boasts one of the world's highest life expectancies. According to the Singapore Department of Statistics in 2022, the average life expectancy stands at 80 years for males and 85 years for females. This represents a substantial improvement from the year 1980 when the average life expectancy for Singaporeans was 72 years. The United Nations anticipates that by 2023, the average life expectancy in Singapore will further increase to 84 years.

It is said that the notable increase in life expectancy in Singapore can be attributed to several factors, including the expansion and advancement of the country's healthcare system, as well as improved living conditions encompassing better housing and nutrition. These factors have collectively contributed to the significant improvement in the overall health and well-being of the population, leading to longer and healthier lives for its residents.


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