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Brass Lion Single Malt Whisky
Photograph: Brass Lion DistilleryBrass Lion Single Malt Whisky

Singapore’s first whisky makes handsome debut on 9 September

The limited release is set to produce only 427 bottles up for grabs

Dawson Tan
Written by
Dawson Tan

History is in the making as Brass Lion Distillery launches Singapore’s first-ever whisky that is distilled, barrelled and aged entirely in the Little Red Dot. Back in 2019, the homegrown distillery worked with local beer brewery The General Brewing Co. to tailor a wash that accommodates Singapore’s high humidity and equatorial climate. Now, it is ready to be unveiled after three years – adhering to international whisky standards and regulations – of maturing in an ex-bourbon barrel.

Brass Lion Distillery Founder Jamie Koh draws from the barrel
Photograph: Brass Lion DistilleryBrass Lion Distillery Founder Jamie Koh draws from the barrel

Jamie Koh, the founder of Brass Lion Distillery, is all about experimentation and has made the conscious decision not to control the environmental temperature to mimic the conditions of the Scottish highlands. Instead, she chose to allow Singapore’s natural climate to do its job and shape the whisky. The local tropical conditions, together with its high humidity and temperature, speed up the ageing process due to the accelerated contact between air, cask and spirit. 

The result? Mature whisky in a shorter time frame with depth and nuance comparable to whiskies aged longer in temperate climates. The team tastes the spirit every six months. In the first year, the particular single malt whisky develops malty flavours and fruity notes, coupled with biscuity aromas. With time, it is later enhanced by tannins and oak notes from the cask where complex wood-kissed notes of vanilla and dried apricots are balanced with a nutmeg spice finish.

Brass Lion Distillery - Single Malt Whisky
Photograph: Brass Lion DistilleryBrass Lion Distillery - Single Malt Whisky

The highly anticipated release is set to produce only 427 bottles, each reeling in at 48 percent abv ($328) – of which 70 of those bottles are drawn at a cask strength of 65 percent abv ($468).

Whisky enthusiasts are able to get their hands on liquid gold history via daily online drops from September 9 onwards. There will also be a Brass Lion Whisky Experience, held at the distillery, inviting guests for an in-depth look into the whisky-making process which also comes with an exclusive bottle.

And for those who just want a taste of it, the Brass Lion Tasting Room will be serving up drams of the elusive whisky from September 23 to mid-October. This momentous debut certainly places Singapore on the world stage, proving that quality whiskey doesn’t only come from Scotland or Japan.

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