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Photograph: BewilderMushroom bouquets made out of pink, blue and golden oyster mushrooms

Switch things up by gifting these edible mushroom bouquets this Mothers’ Day instead of flowers

Admire the bouquet, and then cook up a feast with it

Mingli Seet
Written by
Mingli Seet

It’s almost that time of the year again where the prices of flowers are marked up to welcome Mothers’ Day. While flowers are undeniably beautiful, the bittersweet reality is their fleeting lifespan. But what if we told you that out there exists a bouquet of sorts that will serve more than just sitting pretty, but fill your tummies as well? It may sound improbable, but local company Bewilder has made this a reality with their newly-released limited edition 'Bloom of Love' gourmet mushroom bouquet.

Bewilder is a local company that specialises in all things fungi. They cultivate mushrooms, both dried and fresh, for both culinary and medicinal purposes. This includes grow kits, workshops, and educational resources for all to learn more about these interesting organisms. Besides mushroom bouquets, they also design mushroom jewelry, and designer mycelium products. 

“This Mother’s Day, we re-imagine the traditional floral bouquet into one that spotlights the intersection of art and food – featuring a medley of vibrant mushrooms that doubles as a culinary delight," said Kimberly Wee, Bewilder’s Mycological Designer.

Each vibrant bouquet of mushies will feature a bundle of pink, blue and golden oyster mushrooms, put together by hand to flaunt the different textures these natural beauties have to offer. After the mushrooms are admired, they also offer intricate flavours for a good feast. To add, the fact that these bouquets will be eventually consumed as food is Bewilder’s way of showing their commitment to circularity and sustainability.

This offering is available in limited quantities only, and is up for pre-order priced at $88 each, via their website here.


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