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Taylor Swift
Photograph: TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour in Singapore Day 1: Highlights, Best Moments and Official Setlist

Taylor Swift shares that she’s been hearing about Singapore her whole life

Mingli Seet
Written by
Mingli Seet

The moment the entire Southeast Asia has been waiting for has finally arrived, concluding its Day One last night. Yes, we are referring to Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour at the National Stadium.

Taylor Swift
Photograph: TAS Rights Management

Distinguishing itself from other concerts, this event featured a pre-party unfolding just outside Kallang Wave Mall hours before the pop queen graced the stage. Swifties were adorned in their preferred eras, making it effortless to identify one's tribe in the crowd. Adding to the camaraderie, fans engaged in the Swift-exclusive tradition of exchanging friendship bracelets just moments before the concert kicked off. This heartfelt gesture proved to be a unifying force, bringing together fans from diverse backgrounds for a shared and meaningful experience.

Approaching 7 o'clock, a countdown clock illuminated the screen, building anticipation for Taylor Swift's imminent appearance. In a departure from traditional concerts, she spared the audience the typical waiting time and got straight down to business.

And of course, her entrance was nothing short of a grand one – amazing costumes were adorned by her stage performers and the crowd cheered so loudly I could barely hear Taylor’s voice despite being seated quite near the speakers.

Taylor Swift
Photograph: TAS Rights Management

The pop queen dove straight into the Lover era, launching the concert with the captivating Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince. This was just the beginning, as she continued to mesmerise the audience with a lineup of hits including Cruel Summer, The Man, Lover, and The Archer.

“Welcome to The Eras Tour, Singapore!” Swift exclaimed, triggering the cheers of 60,000 people.

Taylor Swift
Photograph: TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift transitioned seamlessly into the Fearless era, captivating the audience with two stunning costume changes. She first dazzled in a sparkly fringe throw-over dress, and later donned the iconic mustard-coloured gown. Nostalgia swept through the crowd as she performed timeless classics recognisable to long-time fans, including You Belong With Me, Love Story, Evermore, and Champagne Problems. 

Can I also emphasise how absolutely stunning Taylor's visuals were? There were moments where I found myself momentarily mistaking her on-screen self for her in-person one.

Adding on to the experience, the concert distributed wristbands that changed colours throughout different sets. This truly heightened the liveliness of the performance and contributed to the visual spectacle. 

Taylor Swift
Photograph: Mingli Seet

During this segment, Taylor Swift delved into a mini story time session, sharing personal stories about how Singapore held significant importance in her childhood. She revealed, "My mom actually spent a lot of her childhood with her mom and dad and sister growing up in Singapore. So, a lot of the time when we come here on tour, my mom would take me and drive me past her old house, where she used to go to school. So I've been hearing about Singapore my whole life." This heartfelt connection added a meaningful touch to the concert experience.

The show seamlessly transitioned into the reputation era, accompanied by a captivating visual prelude featuring close-ups of a snake. At this juncture, Swifties were well aware of what they were about to get served.

Taylor Swift strategically organised The Eras Tour, presenting each era individually. True Swifties exhibited their deep connection by accurately guessing each era before the performance commenced, solely based on the incredible visuals that accompanied the transitions.

Taylor Swift
Photograph: Mingli Seet

There were several acoustic sets as well where she got up close and personal to perform songs like Betty, All Too Well, and Mine. Here, she flaunted several of her special custom-made guitars.

The distinctive feature that set The Eras Tour apart was the theatrical element incorporated into her sets. The remarkable performances of her talented actors played a significant role in enhancing the essence of the show, contributing to its overall brilliance.

We also witnessed the iconic “Taylor jump” right after the 1989 era. And as the Midnights era came on with tracks like Anti-Hero, Bejeweled, Mastermind, and Karma, several Swifties knew the three-hour concert was about to come to a close.

Taylor Swift
Photograph: TAS Rights Management

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift has the stamina of a powerhouse. Her relentless energy infected the crowd, causing all of us to run on adrenaline right until the very end. The entire show was nothing short of amazing, featuring spectacular visuals, impeccable vocals, mesmerising performances, elaborate sets, stunning costumes, and an overwhelming sense of love for Taylor Swift as well as fellow Swifites that resonated throughout the audience. 

Taylor Swift will be performing for five more nights at the National Stadium in Singapore. 

Here’s the official setlist from yesterday (March 2, 2024):  


Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
Cruel Summer
The Man
You Need To Calm Down
The Archer


You Belong With Me
Love Story


'Tis The Damn Season
Champagne Problems
Tolerate It


...Ready For It?
Don't Blame Me
Look What You Made Me Do

Speak Now 

Long Live


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
I Knew You Were Trouble
All Too Well (10 mins ver)


The 1
The Last Great American Dynasty
Illicit Affairs
My Tears Ricochet


Blank Space
Shake It Off
Wildest Dreams
Bad Blood

Acoustic Sets

Mine & Starlight
I Don't Wanna Live Forever & Dress


Lavender Haze
Midnight Rain
Vigilante S**t


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