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What to look out for at Disini, the new visual arts festival

Mash-up Disini

A giant pastel pink pineapple that’ll put Spongebob’s home to shame and the most glamourous toilet ever – that’s what you can expect to find at Disini, the newest visual arts festival in Singapore.

Despite what naysayers may say about our creative culture, there are lots of art to find in this city, if only you know where to look. In this case, from now 'till September 30, hit up Gillman Barracks for the inaugural large-scale visual arts festival organised by Chan + Hori, in partnership with the National Arts Council – there are a series of public performances, outdoor artworks and exhibitions by homegrown, regional and international artists to check out. Here’s what to keep an eye out for.


1. The most huat pineapple ever

You probably won’t miss this giant pineapple structure when you get to Gillman Barracks – it’s huge and pastel pink. Done by local independent fashion collective Mash-Up, this iconic centrepiece is actually an outdoor pavilion inspired by old-school playgrounds. It's complete with a fake ‘pool’, chill-out spots and has panels that open out to accommodate live performances so you and you friends can hang out in the evening under the lights and stars – considered us sold. 

Next to Block 7.



Maya Rochat


2. The most extra toilet ever

Don’t be fooled by the fancy exterior of this building – it’s draped with mesmerising art prints by Swiss artist Maya Rochat, titled A Rock is a River, but it’s actually a toilet. Yep, an actual functioning unisex toilet. Even the interior is filled with Rochat’s works along with white brick walls. A note though, the cubicles slightly exposed and aren’t exactly soundproof – you might consider, err, doing your business elsewhere.

Block 10.


Felipe Pantone, Chromodynamica for Singapore


3. The new OOTD spot

With strong contrasts of black and white against segments of kaleidoscopic colours, this striking wall mural is the perfect backdrop for your next OOTD. Argentinian-Spanish street artist Felipe Pantone created this piece titled Chromodynamica for Singapore on-site, in torrential rain, specially for Disini. If Pantone’s works look familiar, it’s because he also created another mural at the current Arts from the Street exhibition in Artscience Museum.

Block 7.  

Come join the Disini Here/Now opening party on Jan 26 from noon onwards. Disini runs from now till Sep 30.