Summer Strip

Summer Strip Tanjong Beach Club
Summer Strip Tanjong Beach Club

Get out your dancing shoes – or swimwear, in this case – because we’re getting a taste of Las Vegas’ glitzy glamour at Tanjong Beach Club. Summer Strip promises to deliver the Sin City experience as you groove to the beats of both international and local musical acts like Stephen Day, Pete Herbert, Adrian Giordano and Kaye. Naturally, showgirls dressed to the nines and armed with water cannons will also strut their stuff along the poolside. And, just like in Vegas, you can get tattoos (albeit temporary) by sticking your arms into a hole at the Bellagi-Hole Temporary Tattoo station – sounds kinda dodgy, but you'll only be given a randomly assigned tat. Or so we hope.

While you can’t actually get married at the party, you can dress up and take photos at a photo booth designed to mimic a chapel. Remember: what happens there, stays there.


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