A Celebration of Heritage Delights

Restaurants, Chinese
Min Jiang at One-North
Heritage Treasures Platter

Be transported to the golden age of Chinese cuisine with Min Jiang at One-North's celebration of heritage delights. Prepared by chef Goh Chee Kong, who learnt these recipes from the master chefs of that era, these dishes evoke a sense of nostalgia that will remind the older generation of kampong days where dining out was a real treat.

The menu includes old school dishes such as an impressive Heritage Treasure Platter ($108/$180) that's filled with crispy Teochew-style shrimp roll, braised Wuxi spare ribs, deep-fried crab meat with chicken liver and salted egg yolk, and stir-fried mixed vegetables in a yam basket. The Golden Fortune Kampong Chicken ($80), should not be missed either. A whole chicken is marinated overnight, roasted and wrapped in lotus leaf before it's covered in dough moulded to look like a chicken – mash through the baked dough and tuck into the succulent meat within.