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Coyote is where you’d want to be with a big bunch of friends. It’s super casual and loud with Mexican pop tunes blaring out of its speakers, and no one gives a second glance when you eat with your hands. Not that you’d grab at the Howling Wings (from $15) with cutlery, anyway. Laden with six sauces ranging from zesty orange and lime to the cry-me-a-river scorpion chilli that comes with a waiver form, these crispy and juicy chicken wings are a must-try. There's also a ‘live’ guacamole station ($18) where servers mash up avocados according to your preference, a soft taco platter ($48), and fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs served with pineapple salsa and ranchero sauce ($33) to share.


Venue name: Coyote
Address: 320 Tanglin Road
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11am-10.30pm; Sat & Sun 9am-10.30pm
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My aunt and I came across Coyote by accident when we found out the café we intended to dine at was closed for a private event. Unfortunately said café had only updated their Facebook and Instagram pages to let customers know and not their actual website. This was a shame and a disappointment considering not everyone has an account on those social media sites.

In any case, we ended up having a Tex-Mex brunch at Coyote. As printed on their menu, this restaurant recently opened on June 20, 2016 and is the sister-restaurant of Spruce Café, which used to be located here before.

The two of us arrived first and while waiting for my aunt's friend and her daughter, we had a good look through the menu. It seemed to contain the usual Mexican dishes such as nachos, tacos and Huevos Rancheros, along with a few 'Tex-Mex' renditions of other typical brunch dishes.

The restaurant had indoor (with air conditioning) and outdoor (with fans) seating but as it was a rather hot and sunny Saturday afternoon, we opted for indoors for the air conditioning. It was simply decorated but my favourite part was the bar - it was stocked with bottles of various alcohols, which provided decoration on its own.

As for the food, I went for the Garden Breakfast. This included 2 slices of brioche toast, quinoa salad, cherry tomatoes sprinkled with cheese, 2 eggs (cooked to your liking) and half an avocado.

Although all the ingredients of this dish are delicious, they didn't seem to mix well together in my opinion. Additionally, I didn't appreciate that the salad cream sauce (or whatever that yellow substance is on the avocado) was not listed as part of the dish on the menu. This is disappointing because the dish had a description of its components, so I assumed that all parts would be written down but unfortunately, this was not the case.

The quinoa salad was rather pathetic, especially because it was tasteless. The quinoa had a yellow tinge to it, which I assume is due to spices but those flavours did not shine through. It was also dressed in a creamy sauce, which tasted a little like the yellow substance on the avocado.

I did enjoy the rest of the dish though. The cheese on the cherry tomatoes was light but creamy and not too salty. The brioche toast was pretty decent, though it could have been a little more butter-y, but it was light and airy as it should be. The poached eggs were also cooked well.

As we were at a Mexican restaurant, we couldn't not order nachos. So we got a bowl to share. The Coyote Nachos came in a bowl with regular and dark coloured nachos topped with olives, jalapeños, guacamole and sour cream. The entire bowl had been baked so the cheese was nice, hot and melted on the top.

However, I did find there wasn't enough cheese and that it hadn't been distributed evenly among the nacho chips. Many of the olive and jalapeño slices had also dropped to the bottom of the bowl so it was hard to get a bit of everything into a bite.

I must admit though, my aunt's order of the Huevos Rancheros Benedictinos looked pretty good! It was their Mexican rendition of the traditional brunch dish, Eggs Benedict. I thought that having it served on a corn waffle was original and was executed well - from the bite that I snuck!

For dessert, we shared a serving of their Amigos Churros. These were thin churros covered in a cinnamon sugar dusting and served with chocolate sauce on the side. They were quite yummy and I enjoyed the small size, so it wasn't too filling. The chocolate sauce on the side was pretty thick but did seem like it hadn't melted all the way through, as it seemed overly sticky and slightly lumpy.

Overall the mains were average (at least the dish I had) but the dessert was good! I wasn't impressed with the fact that not all the ingredients on the plate were listed on the menu. Especially since the restaurant had opted to include a description of each dish, one would assume that everything would be included.

I probably wouldn't come back again to be honest because I have been to other Mexican restaurants in Singapore that are much better. They don't have a brunch menu per se, but their lunch and dinner items are much more flavourful and exciting than what I experienced at Coyote.