Lewin Terrace

Lewin Terrace
Photo: Lewin Terrace

Lewin Terrace's high tea buffet is watered by UK fine tea company, Newby Teas. Wrapped inside each silken pyramid sachet are classics like earl grey, and jasmine green tea made with night-flowering jasmine blossoms hand-rolled into pearls. These fragrant teas come with hearty mains such as roasted chicken served with a side of potatoes in mustard sauce and seabream in clam stock. For tea cravings that just can’t be satiated, desserts are also tea-infused including the Darjeeling tea mousse and earl grey-flavoured chocolates; a good option for tea-crazed mums. 

Event phone: 6333 9905
Event website: http://lewinterrace.com.sg/
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