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Taste test: bubble teas

Gong Cha is gone, but what about the other bubble tea brands around?

Bubble Tea
By Tiffany Chow |

1. LiHO ($3.30)

We’re not sure if LiHO can replace Gong Cha, but in our blind taste test, it still came up tops. The milk tea was not too sweet, and there was a good balance between milky and tea flavours – we also enjoyed the extra chewy pearls.

2. Woobbee ($3.10)

If you like your milk tea, err, milky, then make your way to Woobbee at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. This standalone store does a foamy bubble tea that tasted strongly of fresh milk. In contrast to the other brands, we enjoyed chewing on the pearls, like gummy sweets.

3. Koi ($3.40)

Even though we requested for 50% sugar for all our teas, Koi’s was still the sweetest of the lot – and it tasted more of milk than tea. 

4. Each a Cup ($3.10)

This brand puts the ‘tea’ in ‘bubble tea’. The strong taste of the brew came through with every sip, although the pearls didn’t leave an impression.  

5. Share Tea ($2.90)

We’re not sure why anyone would like this half-assed milk tea. Other than the powdery aftertaste and slightly brown colour, nothing else stood out.