Tippling Club's ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Dinner

Tippling Club
Tippling Club Interior

'The 12 Days of Christmas' takes a culinary twirl in Tippling Club's festive menu, on Christmas Eve. The restaurant presents a dozen dishes inspired by the carol: for starters, there's partridge tartare with comice pear and hazelnut, mock turtle soup, and chicken cockscombs. Then dine your way through six geese a-layin' (a 63°C egg with potato), seven swans a-swimmin' (John Dory with wild herbs in Provençale broth) and 12 bells a-ringin' (petit fours). And with free flow Louis Roderer champagne all night long, you'll be a leaping lord or dancing lady by the end of the feast, too.

Event phone: 6475 2217
Event website: http://www.tipplingclub.com/
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