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Find me a date: Guo Xi and Syarafina

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow of their blind date

The date: our daters had a meal at Bliss House.

First impression

Syarafina: 'He got there first, which is reassuring. He’s cute and can hold a conversation. And we clicked.'

Guo Xi: 'We exchanged a very friendly hello and we jumped right into conversation quite easily. She’s very articulate so it was easy talking to her.'


Syarafina: 'He’s smart, which is a big plus, athletic and likes to try new things. Overall, I was interested.'  

Guo Xi: 'She has a mysterious vibe about her, which makes me want to find out more about her. She has quite an interesting background so it was great listening to her.'

Awkward moments

Syarafina: 'Not during our conversation but it was just slightly awkward when we got served a dessert called Pyramid of Love.'

Guo Xi: 'There weren’t any awkward moments or hiccups. It was an easy-going conversation.'


Syarafina: 'We went to get coffee and tea after. It’s a good sign that we could hold the conversation for more than an hour during dinner.'

Guo Xi: 'We hung out and chatted some more before exchanging numbers at the end of the night. We’ve been texting since.'


Syarafina: ♥ 'Considering it was a blind date where I had no expectations whatsoever, it went very well. He’s definitely someone who ticks all the boxes.'

Guo Xi: ♥ 'I’m quite open and I’d be keen to see what this leads to.'

Bliss House

The atmosphere

‘The place is really over-the-top. If you wanted to go on a date, you should definitely bring someone there – it sends a very clear signal that you’re interested in that person.’ – Guo Xi

The food

'The dessert, called Pyramid of Love ($15.80), was literally a mountain of ice cream coated with croutons, berries, kaya sauce and cinnamon sugar. I’ve never seen anything like that before but it tasted surprisingly good.' – Syarafina

The drinks

'They don’t serve alcohol so I had a blueberry virgin mojito and he had a minty green apple popping soda.' – Syarafina

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