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Find me a date: Michelle and Nigel

We send culture vultures Michelle and Nigel on an art-filled blind date around the city

Find me a date: Michelle and Nigel
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
By Sofiana Ramli |

Activity one: Painting session at Arteastiq

Arteastiq has an interesting concept. It’s actually part café and part art studio. The space is intimate and is a good break away from the usual movie date. Each session is two and a half hours long. During our session, Michelle painted something abstract, while I went for a more landscape drawing. I’ll admit that both of us aren’t great painters but I thought everyone in the studio was very welcoming. It’s a good place to express yourself, especially if you’re an art lover.” – Nigel

First impression

Michelle: “At first, I thought he looked very shy! But I was quite surprised when he wasn’t like that at all. After we introduced ourselves, he became really chatty. I also didn’t think he looked like a Nigel – more like a Benjamin, y’know?”

Nigel: “She arrived later than me but I was alright with that. When we started talking, I realised how eloquent she is. She has such a refreshing personality, which I’ve never seen in a girl before.”

Activity two: Gallery hopping at National Gallery Singapore

This was actually my first time visiting the gallery and it’s such a beautiful space. The museum had free-to-enter galleries and also ticketed exhibitions. We went for the special exhibition Century of Light and I thought it was well done. I enjoyed the collection of paintings and found the showcase very informative. We could navigate through it seamlessly. I also learned quite a bit!” – Michelle


Michelle: “I don’t think there were any romantic sparks but in terms of platonic chemistry, it wasn’t too bad. We had a number of things in common.”

Nigel: “It’s really hard to say. I don’t think the chemistry was immediate but there was never a dull moment when we were together. I was surprised because we could discuss things from politics and movies to various social issues. We bonded over Breaking Bad and Edward Norton!”

Awkward moment

Michelle: “None at all. I appreciate that Nigel always tried to keep the conversation going. He’d always make an effort to ask questions or bring up topics to talk about.”

Nigel: “There were definitely no awkward silences. We always had something to say. I really admire that she has such interesting viewpoints in life.”

Activity three: Dinner at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

The restaurant overlooks the Singapore skyline so it was kinda romantic. The atmosphere’s suited for couples and the service was excellent. We decided to order whatever the other didn’t so we could share our dishes. I had barramundi and prawn – it was really good and fresh. But personally, I liked the steak Michelle had more. Unfortunately, I don’t drink, so I decided to give Michelle my white wine instead.” – Nigel


Michelle: “He was nice enough to take me home because he drove that day. He texted me afterwards to ask me for my last name, so I jokingly told him to save my contact details as the restaurant we had dinner at: Wooloomooloo.”

Nigel: “I drove so I decided to take her home. I texted her after because I realised I didn’t even know her last name!”


Michelle: ♥♥♥♥ “He’s actually really fun to talk to. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again as friends. But I don’t know, anything could happen.”

Nigel: ♥♥♥♥ “I thought she was really interesting. If I can pluck up the courage to text her, I’ll probably ask to hang out again.” (Editor’s note: he did.)


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