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Find me a date: Thomas and Candy

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow of their blind date

The date: our daters had an Italian meal at Pete’s Place at the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

First impression

Candy: 'He looked tired as he has dark rings around his eyes, but he did make an effort to dress up a bit. He's a smoker, though – that's a deal-breaker for me. I could smell it in his breath.' 

Thomas: 'I didn't have any prior expectations, so I wasn't very nervous when we met. We said hi, introduced ourselves and chatted. But from experience, I could tell that she wouldn't be my type.' 


Candy: 'We had quite a bit to chat about and we shared about our hobbies and our jobs. I have a sister in events, so I could relate to his job. He brought up his parents and siblings quite a lot, and came across as someone very filial – I like that, it's a very good core value to have. I don't think the conversation got very intellectual, though.'

Thomas: 'She knows what she wants and she's confident. It's cool to meet someone who's not a follower and believes in her own tastes. The conversation didn't get too deep, but I think she's someone who can handle that. We both have strong opinions and might clash – though I'm pretty good about taking a chill pill and stepping back when things get heated.' 

Awkward moments

Candy: 'There were general pauses in conversation, but it was comfortable.'

Thomas: 'Not many. The only silence was when we were checking our phones – but we were both doing it anyway.'


Candy: 'We were there until the restaurant closed – we were the last ones. Before we got up, though, we connected via the Line app – I use that quite a bit.' 

Thomas: 'The whole flow of the dinner kept us at the restaurant ’til about closing time. I don't think she uses Line very much. I texted her after to tell her that it was nice meeting her and to have a good night. She hasn't read it yet.' 


Candy: ♥♥♥♥ 'He's a very easygoing person, and conversation flowed. I didn't reply his text because I don't know if I want to pursue this. I don't think I'll see him [romantically] again, but I wouldn't mind meeting him a few more times as friends.' 

Thomas: ♥♥♥ 'Although we probably won't become romantically involved, the date still went well, with good conversation and food.'


Pete's Place

The atmosphere

'It was a like a grand old European restaurant, with brick walls and a wood ceiling. The lighting made the place very cosy.' – Thomas

The food

'We had a great spread of cured meats as a starter – it was definitely generous for two, but we managed to polish most of it off. We both had the spaghetti Cioppino with lobster, Hokkaido scallops, tiger prawns and clams. It was probably the best pasta I've ever had.' – Thomas 

The drinks 

'We shared a bottle of Prosecco. It was easy to drink – very bubbly and fruity and was a good pairing with the seafood dishes we had.' – Candy 

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