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Find me a date: Tim and Sheeren

Fancy meals and noisy bars aside, we sent our couple out to go re-create the old school dates we all used to blush through. Will that do anything to help the sparks fly?

Sheeren, 26 
Works at an ad agency

Why she's single Hasn't met new people since she graduated from university three years ago, and her social circle has stagnated. 
Ideal date Stand-up comedy after a good dinner, or if the guy is game, rock climbing. 

Tim, 29
Works as a photographer

Why he's single Can't be bothered. Nobody meets anybody on a face-to-face basis anymore, and most of the new people he meets are clients or his students. 
Ideal date Dinner, drinks and a walk – he's a simple guy.

First impression

You guys first met in the bowling alley. What did you think of each other? 

Sheereen (S): I thought he looked really prim and proper. He looked gentle, but he skateboards – that was a surprise. Even then, I figured I would be a lot more chor lorh [rough] than him, and it turned out to be the case [laughs]. I would consider myself pretty chilled out, but my chill cannot match his chill – I'm like a livewire compared to him! 

Tim (T): She seemed very bubbly, and the type that can talk to anybody. I can't really describe my type, and I don't think I really have a type – it all depends if I get along with a person or not. 


How did the date go? 

T: We chatted some during bowling – it was hard to because she was really concentrating on her shots – but because she got hungry, she started to throw balls aimlessly. It was quite funny. We had dinner after and the conversation was great. I enjoyed talking to her a lot. 

S: It was hard to tell because we were only together for a few hours. He reminded me so much of one of my close guy friends in his mannerisms, and the way he talks and walks. I don't mean to friendzone him, but he only gave me friend vibes. It's a good thing. I made a new friend. 

So what did you talk about? 

T: We talked about life, work, and complained about clients. 

S: It helped that he's a pretty good conversationalist, which is really, really rare based on the guys I've met. It was nice. I found it fascinating that he studied photography, and he's one of the youngest lecturers I know. He also reads, but he named authors I'd ever even heard of – I was like, oh, you're too deep man! 


Did you sense any romance in the cards? 

T: Whether there's any romantic chemistry, I'm not entirely certain yet – I'm just not very good at telling. To a certain extent, there was a kind of attraction. She wasn't bad looking, but her personality did it for me – it's rare to find girls these days who can just have a proper conversation without looking at her phone. But, there were no vibes - sometimes when you're with someone, you can feel the tension. With her, I didn't really feel it. 

S: It's hard for me to say what kind of guy I would like, but I think I'd like one who's a little bit more sporty. You don't have to be a daredevil like me and see your life flashing by your eyes every weekend, but some sports is nice. There was no spark. 


Would you see each other again? 

S: I'd probably see him as a friend again though, not likely in a romantic way. For me, it's all about vibes. But then again, some people can argue that you can't base it just on one day. I think he's great and fantastic, but I don't think it's going to work out.  

T: I told her we'll go out when she's more free. We went dutch on the dinner, but she paid and I didn't have any cash on me – I offered to pay the next time. 

Rate the date for us? 

S: ♥♥♥ It was a great Tuesday night, but I didn't feel the spark. But I'm really glad to have made a new friend. 

T: ♥♥♥ She knew how to act in this situation, she was engaging in conversation, and she could take my jokes. A four would mean that there's some potential or some strong attraction, but at this point it was enjoyable and it seemed like I made a friend. 

Orchid Bowl @ The Chevrons

'I think it's a really good idea for a first date. The energy is very light because there are so many other groups being happy around, and that helps take the pressure off. Also, I'm a sucker for glowing bowling balls and disco lights.' - Sheereen  

'It would have been more fun if she drank and if we had dinner before. I don't mind going bowling with friends and on dates, but as a first date, it's a little awkward because you have to interrupt conversation to bowl.' – Tim 

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