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Find me a date: Wei Wei and Junyi

We sent our couple out to go re-create the old school dates we all used to blush through. Will that do anything to help the sparks fly?

Wei Wei, 27 
Works in the civil service

Why she's single Is introverted, doesn't enjoy small talk and doesn't meet people very often. Enjoys conversations about meaning, purpose in life, social norms, dreams, but is also down-to-earth and practical. 
Ideal date A good dinner with wine peppered with fun and deep conversation, then maybe a walk to a bar with live music. 

Junyi, 31
Works in the events industry

Why he's single Has been busy with work and he hasn't made the effort to widen his social circle. 
Ideal date A hearty dinner at a casual restaurant, then to a speakeasy to chill and chat over a few drinks. 

First impression

So you got to The Rink and met each other. What did you think? 

Junyi (JY): I found her approachable and friendly when I first met her. I don't usually judge a person based on their looks, so I have nothing to say about that. 

Wei Wei (WW): I felt pretty neutral. I'm pretty tall at 168cm, so I wish he was a little taller than me. I didn't feel particular attracted to him at first sight, but he was pleasant looking. 


Did you sense a chemistry with each other during the night?

WW: On the basis that I can chat with him as a friend, I didn't think it was too bad. He seems like an easy-going, chilled out person in a positive way. Plus he's a real gentleman – he went to change money for the locker, got my shoes for me and sent me home after. I think it's very nice, but those things aren't important to me. As a potential partner, he's not my type. I'm looking for a go-getter, someone who's more assertive and knows what he wants. 

JY: I don't think the chemistry was there – I could sense it. I asked her questions, and she gave me her answers, but I think I was cautious in saying or asking too much as I may have been anxious or worried that I would say the wrong thing that late at night. I do think though, that's she's a tick in my box in that she likes to hang out in cafes and find places to eat. There are things I'd like to take time and discover about her before I can say if she's the right match.

Awkward moment

Were there any awkward moments? 

WW: I didn't feel like there were, though it was a bit noisy at times and I had to get him to repeat himself. 

JY: Yes, I thought there were a few. Wei Wei offered to help me skate around the rink without our aid – she even held my hand – but I felt bad when she fell down trying to help me. She was fine, but I felt really bad about that. 


Eeps! Was it okay in the end though? 

JY: I asked her to supper, because my friend said to do so. She's not a night owl like me, but we went for tau huay in Selegie and chatted about food, her travel plans and about the week gone by on the train there. We got home around 1am and I dropped her home on my way back. 

WW: I can't remember what we talked about during supper, but before we left he asked if I would like to keep in touch with him. I said, sure, we can be friends, but I literally meant that. I don't know how he feels, but I'm quite sure I don't think we can be dating. I might need to clarify it with him soon though... He texted me right after the date and the day after. I'm not someone who likes to say no, but I don't think it'll be fair if I continue replying him if he means 'staying in touch' in a romantic way. 


So, how would you rate the date then? 

WW: ♥♥♥ Overall, it was a fun night and he's a nice guy, but the romantic potential just isn't there. 

JY: ♥♥♥ I don't think I went well-prepared with what to talk about, I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect from a blind date. 

The Rink

'Even though it was my first time, I thought it was fun and easier than rollerblading. The darkness was romantic, and the staff were very helpful.' – Junyi 

'This was a good activity for a date – two people struggling with skating is a nice common activity to bond over. The music and darkness helped a bit and the many kids on the rink helped make things a little less awkward because there were distractions between pauses in conversation.' – Wei Wei  

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