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Kilter Avenue
Kilter Avenue
Kilter Avenue

Kilter Avenue is a movement-based gym – their classes are crafted based on bodyweight exercises and learning movement patterns such as Capoeira and the fundamentals to acrobatics. Don't be tricked into thinking that it'll be an easy workout though, the trainers at Kilter Avenue will have you jumping, squatting, lunging, tumbling, rolling, crouching and doing a whole lot more unfamiliar movements throughout the class to train and programme your brain to learn something new while building and growing your muscles – both mentally and physically. 

Try this Kilterswitch

It’s hard to classify what Kilterswitch is. This group class offering at Kilter Avenue won’t leave you gasping for air nor is it a relaxing stretch class – in fact, the best word to describe this class is ‘movement’ because that’s what it’s about.

Ten minutes into the class, you find yourself doing ‘bear crawls’ on your hands and knees, rolling around on your back and walking on your hands (or, at least, attempting to). If you, like most CBD folks, spend most of your day sitting in front of the computer, chances are you’re not too agile in your movements – that’s where Kilterswitch comes in to challenge your body with unfamiliar acrobatic movements inspired by Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. Expect improvements in body awareness, increased mobility and strength in all the small muscle groups you never knew existed.

Price $30 for a single class and packages start from $280 for 10 classes.


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Downtown Gallery
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