Tech tune-up: five fitness apps to work out to

Dodge zombies, go one-to-one with a UFC champion or maximise your exercise in seven minutes with these five fitness apps, picked by Wong Yoon Sann
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Photo: Touchfit

Touchfit: GSP

Improve your strength, endurance and flexibility with this programme put together by Canadian mixed martial artist and UFC world champ, Georges St-Pierre. The app comes loaded with 526 workout videos with drills like push-ups, tuck-sits, lunges, downward dogs and single bent reverse flyes that you can quite easily execute at home with an exercise mat and elastic resistance bands.

Workouts are designed for bursts of ten, 20, 40 and 60 minutes. Choose sets that zone in on the upper body, lower body, or both. St-Pierre provides audio guidance in the videos, so you can gloss over the appended written instructions if you’ve trouble keeping your heart rate up. The workouts are pretty challenging – they’re best suited for athletes with an above-average level of physical fitness.

Available for download at $5.98 on the App Store.

Zombie Run
Photo: dreamstime, Zombie Run

Zombies, Run!

Unlike the excitement you would expect from The Walking Dead, Zombies, Run! sounds more interesting than it actually is. If you have a vivid imagination and enjoy gameplay, however, try this out. The app puts you in the shoes of survivor Jolly Alpha Five Runner from Abel Township. The storyline – written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman – is fed directly to your headphones.

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll participate in 25 workout programmes disguised as missions to collect supplies and rebuild your ailing town. These come into your possession as you progress through the storyline. The narration can be draggy and the instructions can be slightly monotonous. Perhaps this is why the app allows you to play your own music concurrently. It’s also available in a Walk version for the beginner athlete or chronically injured.

Available for download at $3.98 on the App Store and $5.15 on Google Play.

Pocket Yoga
Photo: Pocket Yoga, dreamstime

Pocket Yoga

This popular discipline has studios popping up like daisies around Singapore, but if you’re tight on the dollars, let this app be your yoga guru. There are five practices (Ocean, Desert, Mountain, Sun Salutation A and B) to tap on, each targeting different muscle groups in sessions of 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

One big upside is having an audio-visual instructor guide you – with soothing music, no less – through the workout. Close your eyes and it almost feels like an actual studio. You can view all the poses within each practice and adjust their difficulty levels. For a challenge, try the Ocean practice set at the toughest level. This high-intensity interval training works out your whole body with movements such as chaturanga and warrior poses.

Available for download at $3.98 on the App Store and $3.75 on Google Play.

Johnson and Johnson Official 7 minute workout
Photo: Johnson and Johnson Offical 7 Minute Workout, dreamstime

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

No time to hit the gym? Don’t fret. This app packs efficiency with a variety of workouts crafted to improve your strength. The exercises – jumping jacks, push-ups, abdominal crunches and planks – are easy to follow. Once you’re comfortable with the standard sevenminute trainings, move on to the moderate and advanced sets.

The superhero workout involves challenging drills including the Spider-Man push-up and bicycle crunch that are repeated in three cycles within 24 minutes, rest periods included. Workouts can also be customised to your preferences. The Smart Workout function uses feedback related to your fitness and motivation level to recommend suitable exercise combinations.

Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Photo: Jefit, dreamstime


Comprising more than 1,300 gym exercises, the content of this well-stocked app can be overwhelming. Workouts range from bodybuilding to ab-shaping to lacrosse strength training. For novices who have never laid a finger on a gym machine, this app can confuse. Most instructions are laid out in text, which makes it taxing to follow. Another major drawback is that the app doesn’t show newbies how to train with weights.

Depending on your goal – strengthening or toning – the weights used and number of reps performed will affect your performance. So even though the app allows you to customise your workout, only users who have knowledge about effective weight training can benefit. On the bright side, JEFIT’s extensive exercise list offers myriad ways to strengthen each muscle group, with a small portion of these including movements that can be performed outside of the gym.

Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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