Tiger Street Football 2014

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Tiger Street Football 2014

Headlined by Anderson Luis de Souza (Deco), this year's theme focuses on uncaging the strict rules of football. Soccer fans are encouraged to share what they like or dislike about football and propose game-changing rules to create an intense game the challenges the players' creativity. The region's eight best street football teams, including teams from Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam, will face-off in each of the three locations for the grand prize of USD40,000. 

As the last leg of the tour, Deco will handpick the top six players of the tournament, forming the Deco's Star Selection team. The team will then pit against Deco's own, consisting of striker Nuno Gomes, defender Paulo Farreira, midfielder Maniche and goalkeeper Vítor Baía, in an exhibition game.




Event phone: 6344 2660
Event website: http://www.uncagefootball.com
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