Detention Katong

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Detention Katong
Detention Katong
Detention Katong
Detention Katong

Written by Selena Tan of Dim Sum Dollies fame, Detention Katong tells the story of a straight A student landing herself in detention and breaking through the mould of a stereotypical good girl. Starring Neo Swee Lin, Sebastian Tan and Suhaimi Yusof, the comedy is set in secondary school and aims to subvert the tropes of the obedient student and the rebel.

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Yes the story line could have had more meat, but the cast wasn't bad especially the seasoned performers such as Sebastian Tan and Neo Swee Lin. I was hoping for a little more but parts of it were great and I liked it on the whole.

I'm from Australia and watch this during my holidays in Singapore. It didn't feel like a comedy it was much more drama like, the jokes I guess you had to be local to really understand. The sports teacher had the best voice, wonderful, the rest was mediocre to me. Story line was a bit fragmented. It seems bad language shocks Singaporians when the daughter called her mum a slut everyone gasped in horror. I thought I'd get a taste of real Singaporian type ideologies in life but it didn't seem to go much beneath the surface of it all, overall the production was bit bland, 2nd half better than first.

The staff at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay were AMAZING, my mum was in a wheelchair and they gave her amazing attention and care. It was really top class service they went beyond their duty to help. I'd give 6 stars to the staff at this concert hall you guys rock.

It was a very disappointing show. There is no discernible story line and the group singing was not comprehensible as it was just a lot of noise. Considering it is a show meant for the old and the young, the language used was unnecessarily foul. Fortunately the pronouciation of the girls acting as the students was so poor, I hope the young ones missed the various expletives (F word included) and social labels like "slut" and "lesbian". The acting was contrived except for Suhaimi's acting which almost saved the show.