Three Jellicle cats to know

We ask three felines from 'Cats' about themselves and why they should – or shouldn’t – be the ones to receive the honour of going to the Heaviside Layer
By Gwen Pew |

Based on TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, Cats the musical has been wildly successful during its 18-year run on Broadway and 21-year run on the West End. It tells the story of a tribe of kitties known as the Jellicle as they try to persuade the Old Deuteronomy (the patriarch of the pride) to pick them to ascend to the Heaviside Layer, after which they will be reborn into a better life.

Here, Gwen Pew asks three of the felines about themselves and why they should – or shouldn’t – be the ones to receive the honour.

Cats - Rum Tum Tugger

Earl Reeby as Rum Tum Tugger

My look
Bold and larger than life. I’m a very sexy, wild and rambunctious cat who sports the most beautiful black-and gold coat.

My personality
Audacious and brazen without being too offensive. Everything I do comes with the purest of intentions. I’m all about having a blast and making sure everyone who comes into my space lets their hair (or fur) down.

Why I should go to the Heaviside Layer
I don’t really wish to ascend to the Heaviside Layer as I’m having way too much fun in this Giant Kitty Junk Yard – I’m always the playful prankster. But should I be chosen, it would be the greatest honour, just as it is for any cat who wishes to go.

Cats - Victoria

Mila de Biaggi as Victoria

My look
A pure white innocent bundle of fluff! I have a light pink nose, sparkly eyes and soft ears, as well as a sparkly pink collar with lots of fine and interesting details.

My personality
I’m the youngest kitten in the tribe, which makes me just a little naïve and intuitive, but also gentle, timid, sensitive, innocent and elegant.

Why I should go to the Heaviside LayerBecause of my youth and innocence, I don’t feel the need to be chosen and would rather offer it generously to another cat. But perhaps the combination of my special qualities is what will inspire others to choose me to transcend to the Heaviside Layer.

Cats - Misto

Christopher Favaloro as Mr Mistoffelees

My look
I am a black cat, with flashes of white on my body and face. But I unveil my sparkly flecks only when the time is right… I am rather mysterious.

My personality
No one truly understands me – I’m very unpredictable. I can be somewhat cheeky at times and completely vague and aloof at others. But even though I am quite the lone ranger, I’m very loving and nurturing to those I care about.

Why I should go to the Heaviside Layer
I actually don’t care about going to the Heaviside Layer – not yet, anyway. I am happy and content being my magical self and causing a stir.