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Anime Festival Asia 2015
Anime Festival Asia, Piko-Taro
Piko-Taro; source: YouTube

You know the song that consists of six objects: an apple, a pineapple, a pen, an apple pen, a pineapple pen and a pen-pineapple-apple-pen, whatever that is. Now meet Piko-Taro, the singer of the viral tune, as he's set to perform at Anime Festival Asia. 

One of the region’s biggest Japanese festivals, complete with a three-day Anisong concert, will also feature singers such as Alisa Takigawa, Minori Chihara and KOTOKO who'll be bringing theme songs of animes to life. Each day will feature different artists, so remember to check the line-up to make sure you catch your favourite in action. Apart from the Anisong concert series, AFA will also include special anime-based exhibits and activities, such as a dedicated Sword Art Online zone and a fun run based on hit series One Punch Man. Anisong concert tickets and exhibition tickets are sold separately.

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