CapitaLand Live It Up! wellness festival 2024
Photograph: CapitaLand

This wellness festival has over 90 activities held across various locations in Singapore

Get in on mass fitness workouts, mental wellness workshops and more at Live It Up!

Time Out Singapore in partnership with CapitaLand

Don your best activewear and lace up those sports shoes because CapitaLand’s ultimate wellness and community festival, Live It Up!, makes its triumphant return for its third edition from now until 21 July. As part of Wellness Festival Singapore 2024, this month-long celebration features more than 90 wellness activities across CapitaLand malls and workspaces including Plaza Singapura,Raffles City Shopping Centre, CapitaSpring, Tampines Mall, and more.

Embracing the spirit of wellness and community with every step and stretch, Live It Up! offers a wealth of exhilarating experiences such as boxing, yoga, and art jamming, catering to adults and children alike. But the excitement doesn’t end there – explore a diverse array of events throughout the festival, from energising mass fitness sessions and enlightening mental wellness workshops to enriching health fairs. After all, holistic fitness is more than just sports –  it encompasses the wellbeing of body, mind, and life.

Check out our guide on how to Live It Up! and make the most of every mindful moment and movement.

Highlights at Live It Up! wellness festival

Get active at these fitness and dance classes

Prepare to energise your body and mind with a variety of fitness classes, from intense HIIT workouts to serene yoga sessions. Take your fitness game to the next level as you learn proper exercise forms with the Start2Move programme. If you love a little boogie, try Mass Salsation, a fun blend of functional training with dynamic dance moves. Additionally, you can groove to mass Bolly dance and zumba to keep the beat alive. Otherwise, combine it with some calming stretches at mass boxing yoga. No matter your intensity levels, there’s always something for everyone!

Go the distance with these running workshops

Everyone knows that running helps you keep fit. But it also comes with mental benefits. For starters, it’s an absolute mood booster. Happy chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin are released in your body when you run, even at a moderate pace. Whether you’re a novice who can barely run 10 metres or looking to build up your distance, the PUMA Nitro Run Club (PNRC) is here to whip you into shape. Join a supportive community of runners dedicated to training hard, chasing personal bests, and surpassing milestones. But don’t stop there – make every step count with the Run Club. Improve your running experience by exploring new fitness concepts and techniques with experts and fellow enthusiasts. Together, you’ll gain valuable insights, boost your performance, and stay motivated to reach your goals. So get ready to lace up and pound the pavements.

Enjoy live music every Friday at lunchtime

Jazz up your Friday lunchtimes with captivating live performances at Asia Square. This multisensory experience will have you savouring the flavours of your meal while delighting your senses with a visual and auditory treat as local artists light up the stage with chart-topping hits. Feel the vibe, join in the fun, and sing along to your favourite songs. With an exciting blend of food and entertainment, your Friday afternoons are set to be more fun and memorable.

Make eating healthy fun again

As the saying goes: you are what you eat. Your diet significantly impacts every aspect of your health, from your skin to your brain. A balanced, nutritious diet not only improves physical well-being but also improves cognitive function and boosts energy levels. Therefore, eating healthy is essential for overall wellbeing, and Live It Up! makes it deliciously easy. Tickle your tastebuds with exciting events including an organic acai popsicle giveaway. These vegan treats feature organic açaí berries handpicked from Brazil's rainforests, paired with rescued oranges, and topped off with a cocoa nib coating. Sounds like a win-win situation?

Get active and Live It Up! this June and July

No matter where you are in the city, Live It Up! will have you discover a world of wellness within your reach. Don't miss the event's closing activities on 21 July, Sunday, with three different yoga classes by Real Yoga conducted at Raffles City Shopping Centre – these cost just $5 per session, or $10 for all three. Check out the full list of activities and register here.

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