Destruction & Rebirth

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Haytchdeebee by Dan Wong

In yet another paean to a soon-to-be-demolished building, art again plays the role of the fat lady. And how well she sings. Destruction & Rebirth is an exhibition put together by creative collective WeJungle and co-working space The Mill, held in the latter’s premises: a three-storey building too quaint for the industrial estate in which it’s found.

Artists, performers and musicians come together to ‘celebrate beauty amid chaos’, as the organisers put it. A few works will be site-specific; for example, homegrown artist Jacqueline Soo scours the detritus of the condemned building to use as found objects in her piece. Others, like Dan Wong’s A Good Citizen series, are curated.

It’s not all about art, either. There are musical interludes – DJ Tom Shellsuit of Pushin’On fame is slated to perform – and lots of food, courtesy of A Juicery, A for Arbite and chef Federico Pinzi. 

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