Five types of drivers on Singapore’s roads

From all-terrain adventurers to experts of city back streets, these are the five types of drivers you’d typically spot on our roads

We always think that we are the best drivers on the road. But not many of us are clued in to our driving disposition. From sporty to stylish, we get the folks from Land Rover to match your personality to your kind of ride, and the journey you should embark on when wanderlust next hits you.

1. The Rugged Explorer


You’ve seen them around: they’re the ones carving through expressways with their 4x4s, road bikes strapped to the back of their vehicles. They might appear intimidating, but they’re far more likely to help you change your tyre than give in to road rage. Traditionalists, Rugged Explorers believe holidays should be adventures, and would much rather hop on a two-week cross-country journey than a short city escape.

Drives: The Land Rover Defender, which combines superb capability, ruggedness and dependability in one tough package.

Dream journey: Iceland's 1,339-kilometre ring road swerves around awe-inspiring volcanoes, icebergs, waterfalls, lava fields, striking blue fjords and snow-capped mountains. With its brutal yet beautiful landscape, it’s a tough enough challenge for the Explorer, with scenic pay-offs that are more than worth the arduous drive. 

2. The Refined Connoisseur


The Refined Connoisseurs know how to appreciate the high life. You’ll catch them rocking up to the finest restaurant in town in a suitably stylish ride – the kind that’ll turn heads as immediately as their immaculately put together outfits.

Drives: The luxurious Range Rover is perfect for the Connoisseur’s refined sensibilities.

Dream journey: Costa Smeralda, Sardinia (also known as the Emerald Coast). The drive along Sardinia’s northern coast overlooks turquoise waters and white sands. The island’s many glitzy resorts are well suited to the Connoisseurs’ penchant for the luxe life, while the quiet beaches offer some much-needed respite. 

3. The Stylish Urbanite


The Stylish Urbanites are the savvy ones who are always first to know about the trendiest haunts in town. They’re independent spirits with a penchant for the three ‘C’s: coffee, clothes and craft – all customised, of course.

Drives: The customisable Range Rover Evoque. The Urbanites will get a kick out of choosing from a wide variety of colours and options such as twin-stitched leather, aluminium and wood veneers and more.

Dream journey: The Basque circuit in Spain. One of the most scenic drives in Europe, this 480-kilometre route covers cities such as Bilbao, Pamplona and Pyrenees. The Urbanites will love the gorgeous architecture and rich history, as well as the option of a detour up mountains in San Sebastian for panoramic views.

4. The Urban Adventurer


The Urban Adventurers are well loved by the friends and family that surround them – they’re the ones cruising comfortably in the middle lanes of expressways. But despite their ‘play-it-safe’ habits, they still jump at every opportunity to satiate an inner longing for adventure.

Drives: The Discovery Sport. Known for its versatility, this compact SUV is at home in both the city and on uncharted terrains.

Dream journey: Great Ocean Road, Australia. The lush Great Ocean Road is beloved for its iconic rock formation, the Twelve Apostles, and delivers the right mix of adventure and family-friendly fun that the Adventurer craves.

5. The Thrill-Seeker


These sporty Thrill-seekers have adrenaline coursing through their veins. You’re more likely to find them parked at a rock-climbing facility or making the drive to a regional diving spot than hitting up bars and restaurants.

Drives: The Range Rover Sport. One of the most agile and dynamic Land Rovers, this ride’s sleek exterior belies the powerful performance it’s capable of.

Their dream journey: The Oman circle. Oman’s diverse landscapes and sights – from deserts and dunes to caves and souks – is sure to please this intrepid adventurer. Activities such as turtle-spotting or swimming in rivers at the bottom of a wadi (‘valley’ in Hebrew) are the Thrill-seeker’s idea of a good time, too. 

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