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Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Easy floral arrangement ideas to beautify your home with Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Don’t trust yourself to put together a stellar bouquet? Relax and take some tips from the florists at Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Time Out Singapore in partnership with Charlotte Puxley Flowers

You might be tempted to grab the prettiest flowers you see and stick it in your arrangement – but, real talk, the best bouquets only need a few statement flowers. Here’s the right way to do it: decide on the theme of the arrangement and everything else will follow, easy breezy. Need some inspiration? Let the pros of Charlotte Puxley Flowers show you the way.

Effortlessly elegant

To pull off an elegant arrangement, it’s best to gather tall and linear flowers like oriental lilies and delphiniums. Complete the look by going wild with long-stemmed ferns and other greens.

Refreshingly rustic

Have empty amber jam jars and glass bottles lying around? Here’s how to upcycle them. The key is to make your arrangement look handpicked. Carnations are long-lasting and don’t cost much – go for ones in shades of peach or white so it’s easy to mix with other wildflowers.

Bold and beautiful

Who says purple and green don’t make a good pairing? It’s time to go wild. Clash colours and go for the big statement blooms like fuchsia peonies. Add in carnations and mix them with more purple and yellow flowers, toss in some greens to pull the look together – this arrangement is all about breaking rules.

Artistic license

Every perfectionist loves the ranunculus. Firstly, they look almost too symmetrical to be real, and when they bloom, each silky layer shows that there’s beauty in uniformity. Instead of overloading on the flowers for this arrangement, immerse them in a foliage of greens and add a peony or two for some dramatic flair. Looks good enough for a still life painting now?

Tropical fling

Japanese Bamboo may be a common houseplant in most Singapore homes but it also makes for an outstanding part of an arrangement. Use it to frame some shocking pink coloured carnations and you’ve made yourself a cheerful tropical arrangement that brightens up any room.

Old school charm

Too many roses? Tacky. The trick is to tone your arrangement down with muted colours, like pale peach dutch carnations and anthurium pull it together. The roses don’t stand out as much but they play an important role here – the warm colours keep this charming bouquet grounded.

Pastel hues

Just think of the iconic Paddle Pop Rainbow ice cream and pick your colours according to want you see on that stick. Pastels are easy to work with and go with any style. Carnations for the pink, delphiniums for the blue, chrysanthemums for the lilac – it’s pretty without being overly girly.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers, tailor makes floral to fit all types of occasions and homes. These can also be ordered online at #01-02, 79 Chay Yan St.

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