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Interview: Li Kim

We catch up with Li Kim, the host of 'The Paranormal Zone', to find out about superstitions in Singapore

Li Kim, host of The Paranormal Zone, has summoned pontianaks in Indonesia, tracked Bigfoot in Malaysia and visited evil lairs in Singapore. She tells us about her ghost-hunting experience.

You visited the infamous 'death houses' on sago Lane. How spooked were you?

I don’t feel fear when I visit locations deemed to be haunted. As host of The Paranormal Zone, I take on an investigative role. I feel that when you’re dealing with the paranormal, when you bring forth fear, you create the causes for the environment to 'vibrate' the same fear. I follow a principle of 'fear begets fear'.

How do you prepare for such locations?

I’m a Buddhist, and my spiritual leader does teach me certain rituals to protect myself and my team. And I also 'introduce myself' [whenever I enter such haunted spots]. I say a prayer to the environment and the energies that are present to inform them of our purpose.

Are you personally invested in unveiling spirits?

I admit there’s a very deep level of curiosity. But the principle of the show is not about creating more fear – it is to reduce it through providing knowledge.

What do you think about spirituality and superstition in a modern city like ours?

First of all, it must be clarified that 'superstitious' in the context of my show is not a negative characteristic. Now what I found extremely interesting in Singapore is that it's one of the most developed cities in Asia, and yet I’ve found stories that are very spiritual and in some way superstitious.

It's very common that when a city modernises, people start losing the spiritual aspect of their lives. Yet the spiritual people in Singapore are also modern people. They found [spirituality and superstition] extremely wholesome, because it is about culture, history and roots. I think that these are the foundation of any society.

The Paranormal Zone is on Syfy, every sunday until Nov 1. Four episodes from 1.40pm.