National Day Buffets at Ramada and Days Hotels

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National Day Buffets at Ramada and Days Hotels
With these National Day promos popping up, you can pretty much live your patriotic day feasting on a Singaporean fusion buffet feasts, if you want to.

'21 on Rajah’, Days Hotel 

At this Mediterranean-Asian brunch buffet ($42/ adult, $21/ child) that’s recently halal-certified, find a 'Singapura Pasta' station with pastas cooked a la minute with flavours: chilli crab, laksa, black pepper or hae bee hiam (dried shrimp chilli) to choose from to top off their usual spread of snow crabs, boston lobsters and tiger prawns at the crustacean bar, a make-your-own-rojak station and local mainstays like Hokkien-style fried prawn noodles on opei leaf, Singapore-style fried slipper lobster with deep-fried mantou and durian cream puffs.

‘Afternoons with Bibik’, Flavours at Zhongshan Park

 For high tea ($32/ adult, $16/ child), make your own steam leaf bun burger with local flavours like satay chicken, minced char siew, chicken floss, and otak otak at the ‘Ah Hood Burger Stall’ with loads of sambal chilli to spice up your buffet with other local delights: laksa, panfried carrot cake, roti jala with chicken curry, putt mayan (a South indian snack of rice flour noodles), goreng pisang (deep fried banana fritters), and more. If you are not bursting in the seams yet, there is also a free flow of desserts: a pulut hitam with longan, durian pengat and a pandan-flavoured chocolate fondue with you tiao to dip.