National Day Parade 2013: ‘Many Stories…One Singapore’

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National Day Parade 2013: ‘Many Stories…One Singapore’

The theme of this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 is ‘Many Stories…One Singapore’. There will be annual Dynamic Defence Display, with showcases of the military’s hardware and manoeuvers during the parade, plus an aerial flyby from the Air Force and a nostalgic photo montage of past year NDPs. The show itself, helmed by local comedian Selena Tan as creative director, will be done in a variety show format, featuring acrobatics, BMX bike stunts and a giant human LED screen created by over 800 people. And of course, the night ends off with National Day songs – the newly-penned ‘Sing a Nation’ is the theme song for this year and will be performed by a choir of 68 (notably non-celebrity) Singaporeans, who auditioned for their slots – and the much-anticipated fireworks display.

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