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Science Centre Singapore

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  • Jurong East

Time Out says

An institute built for the cultivation of everything scientific. Features regular exhibitions promoting physical, life, applied, technology and industry sciences. The centre also has Singapore’s only dome-shaped theatre. The Omni-Theatre, is equipped with state-of-the-art IMAX dome technology. It is Singapore’s only dome-shaped, five-storey theatre with a capacity of 276 seats.

Things to See at the Science Centre

Amazing Electron
Electrons may be the things inside an atom with a negative charge, but their impact on our world has been hugely positive. Come find out how the humble particle has helped to create our first television set, telephone, radio and much more.

Human Body
We use our body every day, but few of us know how it functions. This exhibition educates visitors on the complexities of our body structure, from the way the brain works to how the heart beats. While our intricate biology may be overwhelming to understand, you can make use of the interactive, audio and visual presentations for an engaging and comprehensive experience.

Space Science
Intrigued by space, the universe and all things celestial? Journey through a galaxy of graphical representations of our solar system, as it provides you with an in-depth understanding of the world, outside the one we live in.

The Mind’s Eye
Test your eyesight at this exhibition featuring a collection of optical illusions – to see is to believe.

Climate Change Exhibition
Visit the icy poles of the Earth, calculate your own carbon footprint, learn about eco-cities, discover the ‘ingredients’ in the weather, and find out how our changing climate impacts farming, health and ecology at this exhibit.

Living with Viruses
Through 3-D galleries, video documentaries and information panels, this exhibition fills you in on Singapore’s most notorious and potentially lethal viral afflictions of the last decade such as HIV, AIDS and SARS.

Learn all you need to know about H2O in this fun-filled, open-air exhibition featuring 11 hands-on displays.

See what the world of tomorrow looks like today. This exhibition offers you the chance to see how hi-tech the home and office of the future will be.

The observatory and IMAX film theatre.

The Observatory
Look past the artificial illumination of the city and to the stars light years away with this mega-telescope. Because this observatory is one of the few in the world located so close to the equator, it offers stargazers views of both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Mathematics Everyday and Everywhere Exhibition
Formulate a new appreciation for maths by discovering its multiple uses in nature, games and puzzles, time and space, and other real-life applications.

Sound Exhibition
This interactive display allows you to cultivate a better appreciation of the science of sound, while having fun at the various activity stations dotted around the exhibtion space.

On dry days only, get a closer look at the splendour of our galaxy’s constellations and planets which, light years away, only appear as specks to our naked eye. Every Friday.

Scientist for the day
Let your little ones get their hands dirty with science.They will get to learn about the 'The Scientific Method' and what scientists actually do at their jobs. Who knows, one of them might become the next Einstein.


15 Science Centre Dr
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