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City stories: Singapore at dusk

Yusuf Hamid captures candid slices of Singaporean life as dusk falls, amid the trudging of tired feet

Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
Office workers troop back to their homes from Kembangan MRT station
Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
At the crossing beside Kembangan MRT, office types jostle with cyclists and students fresh from religious class at the nearby Kassim Mosque
Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
The long shadows cast by the evening light criss-cross the march of commuters outside the MRT station
Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
Contract workers for the NEA put up their feet after a day spent tending the park
Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
Even the community cat needs to rest his paws – while basking in the last light of day
Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
Younger children play in the park while their minders chat by the playground
Singapore at Dusk by Yusof Hamid
No pitch? No problem for these aspiring footballers – the concrete patch that splits the Telok Kurau Park in two will do
By Time Out Singapore editors |

There’s an old-timey rule in photography – if you can accept rules in photography – that says the best time to roam the streets for photographs is in the ‘Golden Hour’: an hour after sunrise or before sunset.

Hefting the iPhone 6 Plus, whose size demands two hands to take a photograph, I went around my neighbourhood in Kembangan, scouting out Singaporeans during this so-called golden hour. After a few days spent revisiting the same areas (MRT station, park connectors, small parks), dawn and dusk seem less like twins and more like funhouse mirrors. Same light, completely different moods.

The early morning is crowded yet silent. But an hour to sunset, grown-up feet shuffling home from work are joined by the smaller feet of children – wantonly zooming down park trails on tiny scooters or pounding hard concrete to chase after a football. For the adults (and one particular feline I chanced upon) who’ve had a hard day’s work, they can finally put up their feet up and snooze on a park bench as the sun fades under the horizon.