Singapore Comedy Fringe

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Singapore Comedy Fringe

For four nights only, be entertained by 30 up-and-coming South-East Asian comedians during Comedy Club Asia’s inaugural Singapore Comedy Fringe 2014. With two shows a night, come prepared for plenty of gags and multicultural acts coaxing out the language of laugh. 

Day One, 23 April

Show Us Your Wits
Kick start the festival with a line-up of six female comedians showing off their funny chops, including Joanne Kam, Neeti Palta, Kristel Zweers and Sharul Channa. 7.30pm

Preemptive Strike
Award-winning comics Paul Ogata and Butch Bradley provide a double bill of all-American laughs and gags featuring their improvisational skills and humouros translations of everyday life. 9.30pm.

Day Two, 24 April

Asian Tigers I
Catch the rising stars of the Asian comedy circuit, hailing from Malaysia, UAE, Philippines and India, as they tickle your funnybones during their 90 minute stand-up show. 7.30pm.

Malaysian Mirth Mafia
The Don Corleone of Malaysian comedy, Harith Iskander, and his gang of hench-funnymen, consisting of Jason Leong, Kevin Jay and Rizal Van Geyzel, will have you dying with laughter during their one-night performance. 9.30pm.  

Day Three, 25 April

Asian Tigers II
The second round of Asian Tigers will showcase of different bag of up and coming raucous jokers, such as Vivek Mahbubani, Jason Leong and Orion Perez. 7.30pm

Indian Laugh Riot 
Have a taste of South Asian tomfoolery as the wisecracks of Indian comedy spice up the stage with their diverse style of stand-up, witticisms and the occasional Desi joke. 9.30pm

Day Four, 26 April

Stand Up For Singapore
The shooting stars of the local comedy circuit take the stage with the explicit aim of showing Singapore's funnier side. 7.30pm.

Happy Endings 
A zany Aussie stand up comic, India's jokesmith and a gagster from the Philippines suckerpunch the audience to funnyland during the Fringe's closing show. 9.30pm