Singapore Garden Festival

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Singapore Garden Festival 2014
Labyrinth of Ovalism by Christina Pang, Floral Designers Society Singapore
Singapore Garden Festival 2014
Orchid Extravaganza
Singapore Garden Festival 2016
Best eco-friendly garden award, Fairies Wheel by North East DC
Singapore Garden Festival 2016
Best biodiversity garden award, Lyrical Play by North West CDC
Singapore Garden Festival 2016
Best floral garden, Candy Floss by South West CDC
Singapore Garden Festival 2016b
Best biodiversity garden award, Lyrical Play by North West CDC

Guess what? Looks do matter, even if you’re not competing in a beauty pageant. The biennial Singapore Garden Festival is proof of that, with top local and international designers congregating to show off their green thumbs. This year, expect a life-sized terrarium you can walk through, tabletop displays, show gardens and floral windows, spread over almost 10 hectares. Then end your evening on the right note with nightly concerts, and stalls hawking food, plants, as well as gardening and landscape products.

Orchid Extravaganza

Floral artistry reaches new heights in this display, set with orchids from around the region. Learn about the rich heritage of these flowers – one of the largest known plant families in existence – and why they’re such a significant part of the international floriculture industry (it’s clearly looks over books, in this case). Flower Dome.

Floral Windows to the World

Fact: each of the 14 vibrant cut-flower window installations on proud display here were created with a $10,000 budget. And 11 of them were designed by master floral artists from countries like Belgium, the US and South Korea. From our shores, three locals – selected from a competition that took place back in April – have also come together to design foliage and floral displays. Bayfront Plaza.

Tabletop Floral Displays

It’s not quite as over-the-top as what you’d find at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but the tabletop displays here are designed by both professional and amateur floral enthusiasts based on the theme, ‘Wonderland’. Look out for six ethereal table settings created with fresh flowers, cutlery and decorative accessories. Bayfront Plaza.

Balcony Gardens

If you’re looking for ideas to sculpt that unruly backyard – or maybe even carve a garden out of your HDB balcony – take inspiration from the five balcony gardens on show. Designed with owners of small homes and apartments in mind, you’ll find novel ways to pimp up a boring balcony with more than just succulents and wood decking. The Meadow.

By: Rebecca Liew


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