Tippling Club: Häagen Dazs cocktails

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When the New York ice cream brand approached Tippling Club’s mixologist to make two cocktail drinks out of their Secret Sensations chocolate fondant and Crème Brulée flavours, he knew the biggest challenge was 'to not make the drinks sickeningly sweet.' We're happy to report that Zac de Git – who recently won the Mediterranean Mastery Challenge at the Diageo Reserve World Class championships – has succeeded. In 'Mystic Rouge', he cuts the rich sweetness of the chocolat fondant with Diplomatico Reserva Rum's woody and oaky notes, while in 'Velvet Aurora', he comes up with a brighter, fruitier drink of apricots, citrus, tequila and Crème Brulée, with a backbone of woodiness in the mix.

Mystic Rouge ($19) and Velvet Aurora ($19) are available until 31 Aug.


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