Things to do

In its aims to rejuvenate overlooked spaces in the city, the second edition of the mobile creative platform Transitional___ sets up shop in the rooftop of the National Design Centre, bringing with it an array of installations and activities. The space will be green and sustainable thanks to 30 solar panels from Singapore-based company Rezeca Renewables, green walls from Consis Vertical Greenery, and furniture made from recycled tires. Urban farming movement Edible Gardens will also set up a rooftop farm and share their insights about permaculture and food sustainability.

Also part of Transitional___ is How Do You Lunch?, a lunch subscription program with special menus crafted in collaboration with F&B partners like Ujong, Artistry Cafe and Food for Thought. There will also be numerous art installations dotting the space, including a lighting installation by award-winning local designers LightCollab and performance art by artists Malvina Tan and Chand Chandramohan. Urban Sketchers will also be holding lantern sketching and making workshops in honour of Mid-Autumn Festival. 


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