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Ame & Dan
Photograph: Amelyn Beverly & Dan Ng

Singapore’s OG travel influencers share their favourite offbeat destinations and top travel tips

Amelyn Beverly and Dan Ng have travelled to 36 countries in nine years – here's their story and top travel picks

Cheryl Sekkappan
Written by
Cheryl Sekkappan

Catching Amelyn and Dan in Singapore is no easy business. As an indication, the couple were in town just two months out of last year, jetting off every other day for a trip. Just before this interview, they were in Vietnam shooting at a new luxury resort, and as of writing, appear to be somewhere off in Southeast Asia again.

These intrepid travellers are Amelyn Beverly (@amebeverly) and Dan Ng (@lifewithdan), Singapore’s OG travel content creators. We say ‘OG’ because they’ve been in the business for nine years, entering the scene as Instagram was peaking and influencer marketing on the platform was taking off.

They also happen to be a married couple, first meeting in LASALLE when Amelyn transferred to Dan’s class in a stroke of serendipity. Today, the two have travelled to 36 countries and amassed a combined following of almost 200,000 Instagram followers who avidly keep up with their travel, lifestyle – and in Dan’s case – wildlife content.

Ame and Dan in India
Photograph: Amelyn Beverly & Dan Ng

A power couple in travel content

Amelyn and Dan have a penchant for offbeat destinations. When they’re not reeled in to a destination by paid client work, they’re picking the road less travelled to explore and document. Places like Uzbekistan, Bolivia, and Kenya are some of their favourites – and it’s safe to say they went before the current ‘alternative travel’ trend began in earnest.

“I like choosing places I can draw inspiration from,” says Amelyn. “Unconventional places. And to use our platform to tell the story of that destination.”

Indeed, picking an interesting destination is one thing; telling a compelling story of that destination is another. And aspirational travel content is something that Amelyn and Dan excel at. Between the two, they are trained in fashion design and fashion photography (Amelyn) and 2D animation and film studies (Dan) – a perfect creative match for their chosen path in life.   

Scroll through @amebeverly and you’ll see her dynamic creative eye: from shot composition showing off landscapes and architecture to their best, to the colour coordinated outfits Amelyn carefully selects to match specific attractions at each destination. Dan is behind the camera on many of these shots (he learned photography from Amelyn, as a matter of fact), and Amelyn credits him for guiding her in videography now that Instagram heavily prioritises reels.

Ame and Dan in Uzbekistan
Photograph: Amelyn Beverly & Dan Ng

Work that resonates

That’s all to say that their work leaves an impact. First and foremost, Amelyn and Dan do this out of their personal love of travel. Amelyn, in particular, has loved it from a young age – largely thanks to her adventurous father – drawing Dan into this hobby after they got together.

At the same time, “We want to prove a point that the world is a safe place,” says Dan. “It’s a beautiful earth. We want to show people that you can travel far and wide and still be safe. Everybody’s going to have a good time.” 

So, nothing feels better than the times when followers reach out requesting for their itineraries to far-flung spots. “They follow our entire Uzbekistan itinerary,” says Amelyn, as an example. “When they do that, it makes me feel like we’re actually inspiring people to get out there. It feels really nice.”

Ame and Dan in Bolivia
Photograph: Amelyn Beverly & Dan Ng

More up their sleeves

It's important to recognise that travel content creation is not all roses. Having seen Amelyn and Dan in action, it's hard to deny the immense hard work that goes into sustaining their travel brand and presence: from pre-trip research and red-eye flights to before-dawn call times to dodge the crowds and photo and video editing. And laundry – "a lot of laundry after every trip," quips Amelyn. 

Yet, after nine years of nonstop travel and content creation, Amelyn and Dan still have lots up their sleeve. Most recently, the couple launched sign-ups for a hosted trip to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Amelyn calls it "a meet-and-greet" session with followers (just all the way in Kenya), but the core desire is to share their amazing experience in East Africa with like-minded travellers.

Amelyn herself has hopes to expand her @amebeverly audience beyond Singapore and to nurture her personal interest in videography. “Not just for reels, but for real,” she jokes. At the same time, she admits to feeling “a bit tired”. By no means is she stepping away from travel content creation though, just introducing a little lifestyle content into the mix so she can prioritise rest and self-care.

Ame and Dan in Africa
Photograph: Amelyn Beverly & Dan Ng

As for Dan, it’s full speed ahead towards his dream to achieve the pinnacle in wildlife photography – working with National Geographic. His @lifewithdan feed shows his evolution, starting from the early days of capturing local wildlife scenes at Pasir Ris Park to expeditions to the Amazon. He can barely suppress his excitement about another 5-week trip to the Amazon rainforest with American conservationist Paul Rosolie to craft a documentary concept for HBO.

So, how have they been able to do this for so long? And still have more in the tank? “Passion,” says Amelyn. “We really love telling stories. We really love to travel.”

“We want to keep doing it as long as life allows,” says Dan. And however long they do this, we’ll be following.   

Amelyn and Dan’s top destinations


“I think it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my nine years,” says Amelyn. She’s talking about Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. It stretches 10,000 square kilometres, a glittering mirror of pure white salt as far as the eye can see. Dan brings its beauty to vivid life, saying, “Imagine waking up at 2am to go for a drive to the largest salt flat. You see the Milky Way. And then you see the ground reflecting the Milky Way. And we’re the only ones there.”

Top tip Wake up early for the experience. Majority of tourists choose the sunset drive – no less gorgeous but extremely crowded in comparison. Amelyn and Dan drove out for the sunrise experience instead, which was well worth the early start for the sight of stars, sunrise colours, and pure solitude.  


If you’ve been planning to visit one of the five ‘stans of Central Asia, make it Uzbekistan. Amelyn and Dan recommend Samarkand, a city known for its stunning mosques and mausoleums. Registan, a square framed by three madrassas, is a must-see. And Shah-i-Zinda, where Amelyn took the stunning colour-coordinated shot captured above, will please your eyes with its turquoise tiles, soaring domes, and majestic interiors. Be open and daring with the food – plov, shashlik, samsa – Amelyn and Dan can attest that it’s delicious.

Top tip Go with the flow. Amelyn and Dan didn’t have plans to travel to the ancient fortresses of Ayaz-Kala and Toprakkala but made the snap decision to go after spotting a man advertising his driving services there. It led to a one of their most memorable experiences of the trip: eating sweet cantaloupe with bread by the roadside, courtesy of their friendly driver.  “It wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t agree, like okay, let’s drive eight hours to this place,” laughs Amelyn.



For the ultimate safari experience, there’s none other than Masai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya. This place is famous for the Great Migration from July to October, when millions of wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, and more, arrive from the Serengeti in Tanzania. Dan summed up the whole safari, “Out there in the wild, up close with lion and leopards, it was a crazy experience.”

Top tip Be willing to spend on a top-notch guide. Amelyn and Dan have been let down by inexperienced guides before but forked out for “the best of the best” in Masai Mara National Reserve. They raved about the incredible knowledge and expertise of their guide, a Maasai warrior. In one example, he predicted an elephant herd’s movements to a tee, allowing Dan to capture his dream shot of an elephant raising its trunk against the sun.


North India captured Amelyn and Dan’s heart. So much so that the memory of their last trip in 2019 is still fresh. Some of their top spots in Jaipur include Amer Fort, Panna Meena Ka Kund step well, the City Palace and the intricate Patrika Gate (Amelyn’s favourite). In Udaipur, they enjoyed the colourful street shopping and rooftop bars and restaurants, the most prominent being a lakeview venue perched on Jagat Niwas Palace.

Top tip: This one’s a general one. Even if you don't follow these travel recommendations, Dan says, “Go and experience the world. Life is short, man.”

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