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4 new Japanese films and series coming to Netflix in July 2023

Stay tuned for a thrilling new revenge drama, as well as a top-rated adaptation of the BL manga 'Old Fashion Cupcake'

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Emma Steen

With summer in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained indoors. Netflix's incoming roster of Japanese shows and movies for July might just be the ideal accompaniment to your air-conditioned escape. Ranging from touching love stories to unsettling true crime series, these fresh titles present another diverse array of stories to dive into. (Note that regional restrictions may apply.) 

My Happy Marriage

Synopsis: Adapted from a popular manga of the same name, 'My Happy Marriage' tells the story of Chiwa Takanashi, a hard-working woman who agrees to an arranged marriage with a man named Hokuto Mamiya to pay off her father's debt. Despite their marriage being born out of convenience, Chiwa and Hokuto begin to understand and appreciate each other, slowly falling in love in the process.

Overview: 'My Happy Marriage' offers a fresh perspective on arranged marriages and is bound to tug at your heartstrings. It beautifully explores the idea that love can blossom under the most unexpected circumstances. 

Available July 5.

Burn the House Down

Synopsis: Anzu Murata is forced to leave her home due to her mother's suspicion of arson, only to return years later undercover as a housekeeper. Determined to prove her ailing mother's innocence, Anzu seeks evidence against her manipulative stepmother who she believes is the true culprit.

Overview: Featuring Mei Nagano in the lead, this suspenseful revenge drama explores the lengths one woman will go to in order to protect her family. As Anzu navigates her past, the audience is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions and twists, making this new Netflix original series a compelling watch for those who enjoy intense and gripping dramas.

Available July 13.

Old Fashion Cupcake

Synopsis: Nozue, a 39-year-old office worker dissatisfied with his monotonous life, finds solace in an unexpected place – a popular pancake shop. As he frequents the shop, his cold and unpleasant junior, Togawa, starts showing signs of respect and romantic interest, adding a splash of colour to Nozue's drab life.

Overview: Based on the popular BL (boys' love) manga series by Sagan Sagan, 'Old Fashion Cupcake' provides a delightful and heartwarming look at an unusual romance that blossoms in the most unexpected of places. With a charming cast led by Takeda Kouhei and Kimura Tatsunari, this series navigates the complexities of love and life, capturing the audience's hearts one episode at a time.

Available July 25.

Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case

Synopsis: This new documentary delves into the tragic and intricate investigation of the murder of British tourist Lucie Blackman. Featuring in-depth interviews with the Japanese detectives involved, the film follows the legendary Search 1 Select Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as they navigate numerous challenges to bring justice to Lucie Blackman.

Overview: Directed by filmmaker Hyoe Yamamoto, this gripping series highlights the personal struggles of the detectives as they faced international pressure and a cunning culprit. Through penetrating interviews and poignant reenactments, the documentary not only examines one of Tokyo's most notorious cases but also engages the audience with broader questions regarding the incident's implications and lessons for the future. 

Available July 26.

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