Star Wars: Vision
Photo: © 2021 Lucasfilm

A new Star Wars anime anthology is coming to Disney+

Nine short films, seven animation studios, one epic series – Star Wars: Vision is streaming this September
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Emma Steen

Netflix isn't the only international production company looking to boost its anime content. This September, Lucasfilm will be releasing a Japanese anime-style Star Wars anthology on Disney+

The upcoming series, called ‘Star Wars: Vision’, will comprise nine original short films produced by seven separate anime studios based in Japan. Here’s the full list of episodes and the studios behind them. 

  • ‘The Elder’ – Studio Trigger
  • ‘T0-B1’ – Science Saru
  • ‘The Ninth Jedi’ – Production IG 

These aren’t just any small time anime studios, mind you. Even if you don’t recognise some of the names, you’ll have seen many of their works on Netflix, like the stunning 2020 animated film ‘A Whisker Away’ (Studio Colorido) and the hit series ‘Devilman Crybaby’ (Science Saru). 

Star Wars: Vision
Photo: © 2021 Lucasfilm

It may be the first time the Star Wars franchise is presented as an anime, but with each studio incorporating their own style and unique vision into their episodes, the fresh spin-off will cover a lot of ground with a variety of genres and themes.

Director Taku Kimura of Studio Colorido, for instance, is turning his episode into a rock opera style film. Director Abel Gongora of Science Saru, on the other hand, is drawing inspiration from the retro feel of the classic anime character Astro Boy. 

Look forward to catching all nine episodes on Disney+ from September 22. 

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