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Here are the limited-edition Kaws merchandise on sale at the Kaws Tokyo First exhibition

With Kaws’ first large-scale exhibition in Tokyo comes a host of designer collaborations and collectibles

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Kaila Imada

Kaws is no stranger to Japan. The Brooklyn-based artist, whose real name is Brian Donnelly, has regular collaborations with Uniqlo. In 2019, he even staged an art installation at the foot of Mt Fuji featuring a larger-than-life version of his signature character, Companion. Now the artist has returned to Tokyo for his first large-scale solo exhibition titled Kaws Tokyo First, held at the Mori Art Center Gallery in Roppongi.

Aside from the 150 artworks on display, one of the biggest draws of the exhibition is the release of special merchandise. Kaws’ Uniqlo tote bag and T-shirts are now available in stores and online. Meanwhile, the exhibition’s Twitter account has revealed more Kaws merchandise including figurines, puzzles and collabs with Japanese brands Sacai and Porter.

You can purchase some of these items online. However, most of them are exclusive to the on-site exhibition gift shop. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find.

Released just last week, the latest collaboration to hit the shelves are these mugs and cups from renowned glassware maker Fire-King. These are available only at the exhibition's on-site gift shop. 

You’ll find a capsule collection of three Porter accessories at the physical store. There’s a wallet, tote bag and small case featuring a subtle stitched-on Kaws pattern.

One of the most anticipated collabs from the exhibition is with Sacai, which offers two T-shirts and a tote bag. These can only be purchased at the physical store at the exhibition.

Hiyoko, the popular Japanese confectionery shaped like a baby chick, has also teamed up with Kaws for a special offering featuring Kaws’ signature crossed out eyes. A box of eight retails for ¥2,160 and it’s available at the exhibition shop as well as online.

For the full lineup of Kaws Tokyo First goods, visit the website.

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