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Confirmed: independent tourists can visit Japan visa-free from October 11

Japan to reopen fully for tourism: visa-free entry and tourists no longer need to go through a travel agency

Lim Chee Wah
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Lim Chee Wah

After more than two years of tight border restrictions, Japan will finally reopen to independent tourists on October 11. As reported by The Japan Times and Nikkei Asia, this full reopening means that tourists can visit the country without a visa and they no longer need to go through a travel agency. Plus, the daily entry cap will also be lifted entirely.

Japan's reopening for international tourism was a slow and cautious move. In June, the country began to accept tourists, provided that they visit the country as part of a guided package tour. Earlier this month, the restriction was further eased: tourists can travel to Japan without a guide but must still apply for a visa and book their flights and accommodation through a travel agency.

This full reopening, which takes effect on October 11, is a highly anticipated development for international tourists who have been waiting patiently to visit the country. And it comes at the right time, not just because of the weak yen, but also because of the coming autumn season, which traditionally has been a peak time for inbound travel.

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