FamilyMart Large Demi spaghetti
Photo: FamilyMartLarge Demi spaghetti with Tomato Meat Sauce

FamilyMart now serves pasta dishes in eco-friendly bowls

It’s the convenience store's first step towards using sustainable packaging for all its ready meals

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Dina Kartit

After bringing back its popular cheese-filled Famichiki last month, FamilyMart is shifting its focus to sustainability, serving some of its fresh pasta meals in bio packaging. The eco-friendly pasta containers are currently only available in Kanto, but the convenience store chain aims to take them nationwide in the near future. Plus, FamilyMart plans to expand the initiative, eventually making all its ready meal boxes more sustainable.

FamilyMart's pasta meals
Photo: FamilyMart

These new containers are made of recycled lightweight polyethylene (PET), renewable biomass plastics (made from corn and sugarcane) and discarded cooking oil. To see them for yourself, look for these spaghetti meals at FamilyMart: Large Mentaiko (¥450), Large Demi with Tomato Meat Sauce (¥480), Double Size Peperoncino (¥598), and Double Size Spicy Napolitan (¥598).

It’s not the first time FamilyMart has adopted sustainable packaging. In early 2020, the company switched to using strawless lids for serving iced coffee, paper containers for yogurt drinks and environmentally friendly salad containers. 

Large Spicy Napolitan spaghetti
Photo: FamilyMart

The move towards sustainable meal boxes is part of the company's new action plan to celebrate its 40th anniversary in September. The aim is to reduce plastic consumption, food waste, and greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. One of the long term goals of the campaign is to improve its packaging quality to extend food expiration dates by 80 percent – welcome news for anyone worried about food waste.

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