Delivery haunted house
Photo: Kowaragasetai

This Tokyo company will bring a mobile haunted house to you this summer

Let the amusement park come to you – Kowagarasetai is offering Japan’s first delivery haunted house

By Youka Nagase

Last summer, Kowagarasetai made global news with its drive-in haunted house. The company is back at it this year with another spooky project where you can get a scare while social distancing, and you won’t even have to leave your home.

Delivery haunted house
Photo: Kowagarasetai

Kowagararesai has created what it says is Japan’s first delivery haunted house and you can book it to come to you anywhere you’d like. You’ll just need to make a reservation on the official website (Japanese only) to have a haunted ambulance covered in rust and bloody handprints arrive at your door. 

Once you board the ambulance, you’ll go through 15 minutes of horror using 3D audio effects that sound so real you’ll feel like a ghost is sitting right next to you, along with vibrating seats and splashing water to add to the experience. The car will be stationary during the scare, so no need to buckle your seatbelt.

Delivery haunted house
Photo: Kowaragasetai

Reservations for the delivery haunted house are currently open for the summer, so you can book it for dates from July 1 onward. Sorry morning people – the haunted ambulance can only come after 12noon. It costs ¥9,000 per session, which must be paid in advance through PayPal or bank transfer. Each session can include up to six people, so get some friends to split the cost with you. 

Bookings in central Tokyo are preferred, but if you live further out, don’t worry – you can still request a haunted house delivery for extra cost.

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