Stock image of JR Harajuku Station
Photo: Kuremo/DreamstimeThe original Harajuku Station building prior to 2020

Harajuku is bringing back its original 100-year-old station building

The iconic wooden heritage structure will be preserved as the centrepiece at a new development in Harajuku

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Tokyo mourned the loss of the historical Harajuku Station building when it was taken down in 2020 to make way for a new JR Harajuku Station complex. Built in 1924, the original station building was then the oldest surviving wooden station in Tokyo. It provided a picturesque contrast to the ever-growing shopping and entertainment complexes surrounding it.

Harajuku Station new development
Photo: East Japan Railway Company

There was no word whether the old building survived when it was taken down four years ago. But thankfully, the heritage building wasn't completely demolished but instead strategically dismantled. East Japan Railway Company recently revealed that they will be bringing back the original station building as part of a new development project.

According to the rail operator, the materials from the old building were stored after it was dismantled. It will be reconstructed and take pride of place once again in Harajuku as the focal point of a new commercial facility on the north side of the station. This new complex will feature four levels plus a basement. Its design will be based on the concept of honouring Harajuku's past and present heritage. 

Unfortunately, this project is no quick feat. It’ll still be a few years before the original station building returns. Construction for this massive new complex is set to run from May 2024 to December 2026, with the grand opening scheduled for the winter of 2026.

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