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In photos: Starbucks Japan is releasing 47 new Frappuccinos for its 25th anniversary

Each drink will highlight the local flavours of a particular prefecture and will only be available in that region

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Starbucks Japan is going all out for its 25th anniversary with a special drink collection featuring 47 different Jimoto (local) Frappuccinos – one for every prefecture in Japan. The nationwide event will see the creation of a special Frappuccino flavour highlighting the local food and culture that will only be available in that particular prefecture. 

Here are some of the unique flavours you’ll find around Japan:

Starbucks Japan Hokkaido
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Hokkaido’s Frappucino is a creamy corn flavour, like the island's famous corn pottage.

Starbucks Japan Toyama
Photo: Starbucks Japan

The scenic Toyama prefecture gets an eye-catching watermelon passion tea.

Starbucks Japan Oita
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Oita’s drink is made with the prefecture's kabosu citrus.

Starbucks Japan Okinawa
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Okinawa gets a Frappucino based on its salty chinsuko shortbread cookies.

Starbucks Japan Aomori
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Known for its apples, Aomori's special flavour is a blend of apples and strawberries.

Starbucks Japan Kyoto
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Of course, Kyoto gets matcha flavour, but with some kinako (roasted soybean powder) mixed in, too.

Starbucks Japan Osaka
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Osaka's kudamon cream Frappuccino features a mix of fruit including banana and apple.

Starbucks Japan Nara
Photo: Starbucks Japan

Nara's hojicha and white chocolate Frappucino looks like a perfect sweet treat.

Starbucks Japan Tokyo
Photo: Starbucks Japan

As for Tokyo’s Frappuccino, the capital's unique flavour will include coffee jelly and caramel.

The Frappuccinos will go on sale from Wednesday June 30 and you can browse the entire collection online to see what flavour will be available in each prefecture. The Frappuccinos will only come in a tall size for ¥682 (¥669 for takeaway).

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