You can get sriracha hot sauce from vending machines in Japan

Buy a bottle of the chili sauce from dedicated vending machines in Gifu, Mie, Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Japan has some of the weirdest vending machines in the world, selling fruit, umbrellas, action figures idol photographs and everything in between. From old-school machines serving up hot sandwiches to new ones dispensing PCR test kits, you can find just about every type of vending machine in this country – even some dedicated to the globally-loved sriracha sauce.

Sriracha Japan makes its versatile hot sauce in the same factory as the iconic Huy Fong rooster brand sriracha sauce, but the company claims there's one crucial difference: this version has no preservatives or artificial colouring. It still tastes exactly the same though – tangy, spicy and packed with a punch of garlic that goes with any kind of cuisine.

Back in August 2020, the brand installed its very first sriracha-only vending machine just outside its headquarters in Gifu prefecture. And with more and more demand from fans, the machines have started to spread. There are now 28 vending machines located around Mie, Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures. 

You’ll find a full list of vending machine locations on the official website. There are none in Tokyo yet, but we’re hoping it’s only a matter of time. 

You can spot the vending machines from a mile away, plastered with images of sriracha bottles on every side. Each machine is stocked with rows of 230g bottles, which cost ¥600 each.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any plans to visit these prefectures any time soon though. You can still get your hands on some sriracha on Yahoo or Rakuten, which offer a massive 517g bottle for true sriracha tragics.

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